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Registering at asef.al is a very simple process and is split in several actions:
  1. –  First: Go to Apply submenu and click on Application Form. In the application period you may find also quick links at Home Page.
  2. –  Second: Choose you project type. If your project type is individual, you need to fill information only for one student. If your project type is group, you need to fill information for all the students,except student 3 that is optional.
  3. –  Third: After filling all the informations that are needed for the registration, click on the button Register and wait until your profile shows up.
  4. Optional: Upload your cover photo and your profile photo no more than 953.7MB

Your account is not being recognized because of the special characters in your username. Please do not use “ë” and “ç” in your username.

After login in your account, a message will appear in your profile: Your profile is looking a little empty. Why not add some information!
  1. –  Click on the button “add”
  2. –  On the description field you may write about yourself and the reason why did your choose the project you are studying for.
  3. –  On the field “Upload your project description paper here”, click on Upload button.
Files format that are allowed to upload are .zip, .pdf, .rar, .png, .jpg and no more than 25 MB!
If you fail to upload your description paper it is because:
  1. –  The file format is more than 25 MB.
  2. –  File format that are allowed to upload are .zip, .pdf, .rar, .png, jpg.

No, you may upload your description paper anytime before the deadline.

Yes, users need to register for every project that they have

If you need help resetting your password, we can help by sending you a link to reset it. But first follow the steps below:
  1. –  Visit ” Forgot Password”
  2. –  Enter your email adress or your username
  3. –  A link is going to be send in your email,to reset your password
  4. –  After users add new password and confirm it,please click “Change my password”