• Friday, Aug 06,2021
What is new in ASEF 2019

Every year we want to come closer to our students. This year we opened a new category called ‘Little Scientists’ where selected skilled 5th graders may participate.

Some other new sub-categories are:

Hardware Control and Networking
Hardware Control and Networking category encourages students to create a software controlling and/or cooperating with an electronic/mechanic device. Students may ensemble the computer pieces together to make it work with a software component that interacts with the hardware. Creativity is as important as mechanical and programming skills in this category.
The Category of Hardware Control and Networking aims to:

  • Demonstrate expertise in configuring host and network level, technical security controls that include: host firewalls, user access controls, host logging, network filtering, intrusion detection and prevention, and encryption at all levels.
  • Demonstrate analytical skills in identifying and troubleshooting networking, security and performance issues.
  • Analyze business requirements; research, develop and integrate solutions for enterprise IT requirements.
  • Balance business, technical and security requirements and constraints.
  • Integrate operating systems, services, network devices and security controls to meet the requirements.

Computer-Based 3-D Design

Technology takes imagination closer to reality, the best example to show this is 3-D Modeling.
3-D modeling has radically changed technical drawing. It is as such pulling out multi-dimensional images from your brain and painting them on a paper.
The Computer-Based 3-D Design Category aims to

  • Develop design ideas.
  • Understand design philosophies, design principles and elements and human factors.
  • Analyze spatial and functional requirements.
  • Create an aesthetic space.

Installation Art

A key attribute of installation art is its ability to physically interact with viewers. While all artistic mediums have the ability to engage individuals, most do not completely immerse them in interactive experiences.
The Installation Art Category aims to:

  • Achieve a comprehension of visual principles.
  • Acquire basic foundation skills.
  • Begin to discover their own individual creativity.
  • Develop relational and multidimensional thinking.

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