• Friday, Aug 06,2021
Criterias to bear in mind during video execution

  1. Research Question
    • clear and focused purpose
    • identifies contribution to field of study
    • testable using scientific methods
  2. Design and Methodology
    • well-designed plan and data collection methods
    • variables and controls defined, appropriate and complete
  3. Execution: Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation
    • systematic data collection and analysis
    • reproducibility of results
    • appropriate application of mathematical and statistical methods
    • sufficient data collected to support interpretation and conclusions
  4. Creativity
    • project demonstrates significant creativity in one or more of the above criteria
  5. Presentation
    1. Poster
      • logical organization of material
      • clarity of graphics and legends
      • supporting documentation displayed
    2. Explication
      • clear, concise, thoughtful responses to questions
      • understanding of basic science relevant to project
      • understanding interpretation and limitations of results and conclusions
      • degree of independence in conducting project
      • recognition of potential impact in science, society and/or economics
      • quality of ideas for further research
      • for team projects, contributions to and understanding of project by all members
      • supporting documentation displayed
  • Originality: Video is original, creative and unique.
  • Engagement: Video generates excitement about the content.
  • Quality: Video is well planned with smooth transitions and edits. Sound is expertly balanced and easy to hear. All sound and visual elements coincide with the video’s message.
  • Resonance: Video offers a “take away” for the audience.