Wednesday, November 13, 2019

General Rules

All students who compete at ASEF must follow the rules set by the ASEF Steering Committee.

  1. ASEF is open to all students who are currently on roll at Turgut Ozal EDUCATION. Gulistan - Albania Schools', Gulistan - Kosovo Schools' and Yahya Kemal College - Macedonia Schools' students are also encouraged and invited to participate in ASEF.
  2. Grade 10, 11 and 12 students are in “Senior” category.
  3. Grade 6, 7, 8 and 9 students are in “Junior”category.
  4. Selected skilled 5th graders may participate in a category called ‘Little Scientists’.
  5. Multiple entries will not be accepted.
  6. Projects may be of “individual” or “group” project. A group project may be prepared and presented by two students.
  7. ASEF Senior will be held on February the 15th, 2020 Saturday.
  8. ASEF Junior (together with Little Scientists) will be held on February the 22nd, 2020 Saturday.
  9. The venue for both ASEF finals is Turgut Ozal Education Complex . For Location, please click here.
  10. Application deadlines:
    For ASEF Senior: 15 November - 15 January
    For ASEF Junior: 15 November - 22 January

      • Programming
      • Web Design
      • Robotics
      • Networking
    • Note: Only robotics projects may have 3 students per group
    • Group projects of at most 2 students
    • Group projects of at most 2 students
      • Industrial Design
      • Short Movie
      • Computer 3-D Design
      • Installation Art,
      • Three-minute science.
    • They will all be evaluated separately.
      Group projects of at most 2 students

  12. ASEF uses English language as the means of communication with its contestants, supervisors and jurors. Thus, all participants are expected to have a good command of English.