Visual Arts

ASEF 2024 – Visual Arts

ASEF Visual Arts Category is designed to reveal the artistic skills of students in five different fields: Poster Design, Short Movie, Industrial Design, Computer-Based 3-D Design and Installation Art.

The Category of Visual Arts aims to :

  • Develop curiosity, interest and joy in creativity.
  • Develop skills needed for the creation of visual art work.
  • Use the language, concepts and principles of visual arts.
  • Express their thoughts and ideas through visual arts.
  • Reflect on, appreciate and evaluate their own work and the work of others.

Industrial Design

Innovation is defined as creating new or different tangible products or processes as a result of a novel idea or a method to make our lives better, healthier and environment -friendly.

Designing a new or different tool or equipment that eases lives in kitchens, at schools and offices, in cars, etc. is the main aim of this category.


Short Movie

ASEF encourages students to create animated, live action or documentary short films that spiritually take viewers into a scene which creates emotional changes; motivates and provides viewers with information towards local, global, environmental, social or educational issues.



For Example: ASEF2024_10_FossilFuels_AltinBekteshi

Poster Design

“A picture is worth a thousand words” 

The ASEF Poster Design Category encourages students to create posters that can inform the public, raise awareness and encourage prospects to take action or make changes on environmental, social or educational issues.

The posters should lead to think differently and inspire a behavioral change.


Computer-Based 3-D Design

Technology takes imagination closer to reality, the best example to show this is 3-D Modeling. 

3-D modeling has radically changed technical drawing. It is as such pulling out multi-dimensional images from your brain and painting them on a paper.

The Computer-Based 3-D Design Category aims to

  • Develop design ideas.
  • Understand design philosophies, design principles and elements and human factors. 
  • Analyze spatial and functional requirements.
  • Create an aesthetic space.

Installation Art

A key attribute of installation art is its ability to physically interact with viewers. While all artistic mediums have the ability to engage individuals, most do not completely immerse them in interactive experiences.

The Installation Art Category aims to:

  • Achieve a comprehension of visual principles.
  • Acquire basic foundation skills.
  • Begin to discover their own individual creativity.
  • Develop relational and multidimensional thinking.
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